A moment in time that forever changed Marta Wimer’s life.

Parsippany, NJ, April 14, 2021, Marta Wimer remembering the summer of 1988, Marta Wimer experienced a tragedy on July 2 of her sophomore year of High School that would forever change her life. She faced this hardship with integrity, grace, strength, and forgiveness.

Marta Wimer was going into her Junior Year of High School in 1988 with ambition for her future and excitement for the memories she would make that upcoming year. July 2, 1988 will forever be a day in her mind in which she can never live through the same. At a summer party in Missouri, Marta found herself with a girl she met earlier in the day who she had not known that well. Without a ride, she hopped in the car with this girl not realizing how drunk she was. As nothing good starts from this type of story, one can only imagine what could have happened next.

The girl driving was doing 80 and ended up flipping the car over backwards and forwards three times. Marta flatlined in the ambulance and describes this moment as one that filled her with “total euphoria.” She spent 87 days in the hospital with her family and friends not ever knowing if they would see her live another day. She tells her story with complete rawness and strength reminding us that in one moment everything can truly change.

“You honestly don’t know what you have once its gone i never once in a million years know what it would feel like not being able to wiggle my toes in the sand and you don’t realize how much you would miss something that small when you just don’t have it anymore.”